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2018 SDGs Ishikawa Kanazawa Dialogue Series

Event Report – SDGs Dialogue Series Final Session Summary Symposium “Shaping the Future of the Region with the SDGs”

日時 / Date : 2019/03/23

The SDGs Dialogue Series, which was started on June 4th, 2018, was concluded with this symposium. Th Read more

Event Report – SDGs Dialogue No. 15: “Ideathon Workshop”

日時 / Date : March 7th, 2019

The ‘EMPOWER Project’ is a movement which promotes professionals coming forward to use their skills Read more

SDGs Dialogue #13: 2nd Kanazawa Forum on Education and LGBT “How local communities can ensure no one is left behind”

日時 / Date : December 9, 2018

In this year’s forum, the second on the topic of sexual and gender minorities, we touched on issues Read more

Event Report – SDGs Dialogue No. 10: Talk Event “New Possibilities Precisely Because it is Dark”

日時 / Date : October 23th, 2018

This talk event, held on the occasion of the first “Dialogue in the Dark (DID)” in the Hokuriku area Read more

Event Report – SDGs Dialogue No. 9: “The Sustainability of Japanese Gardens in Kanazawa” Garden-Cleaning Workshop

日時 / Date : October 9th, 2018

On October 9th, a garden-cleaning workshop was held at the Senda family garden of the Nagamachi dist Read more

Event Report – SDGs Dialogue No. 7: Kanazawa City x Kanazawa IKUBOSS Company Alliance Forum 2018 – Work Style Diversity Reform

Labor is an important part of the sustainable development debate. The 8th Sustainable Development Go Read more

Event Report– SDGs Dialogue No. 6: Bus Tour to the Civic Power Plant

In this dialogue series, in order to learn more about the 7th and 13th SDGs (‘Affordable and Clean E Read more

SDGs Dialogue #4: Symposium “How Local Companies Are Implementing the SDGs”

日時 / Date : August 7, 2018

The fourth event in the series was a two-part symposium on how the SDGs are being utilized in busine Read more

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