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Research on the relationship between Japanese gardens and urban biodiversity

We surveyed living things in the Senda family garden located in Kanazawa’s Nagamachi Samurai District. The garden was built in the Meiji period by t ...Read more

A study Session for the Observation of Living Things (Notojima island)

A study session for the observation of living things using application software was held on Notojima Island, Nanao City. Various activities for eleme ...Read more

“Tell Me About SDGs” Now Available on Youtube

Ms. Nagai, the OUIK office manager, introduces regional SDG initiatives in a segment of the Ishikawa TV programme “News It entitled “Tell Me About SDG ...Read more

IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 Study session on the use of private resources for the promotion of Kanazawa SDGs

In order to address social challenges and boost new projects, it is important to provide management resources, including the skills and efforts of ind ...Read more

IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 Partners Meeting #4 (August 18, 2021)

IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 Partners is a platform for carrying out activities through partnerships based on “Kanazawa Future Visions”. The fourth Partner m ...Read more

A Film-making Project: “Handing Down the Food Knowledge and Skills of Noto GIAHS”

There is abundant Satoyama and Satoumi nature in the Noto region, which has developed through people’s activities over a long period of time. In 2011, ...Read more

New Journal Article “Ten Years of GIAHS Development in Japan” by OUIK’s researchers

We are pleased to inform you that a journal article co-authored by our UNU-IAS OUIK researchers, visiting research fellow Akira Nagata, and research c ...Read more

IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 Partners Exchange Meeting #3 (July 13, 2021)

IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 Partners is a platform for implementing the Kanazawa Future Visions action plan through partnerships. One year after its establi ...Read more

2021 1st Meeting of the Council for the Promotion of IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030

IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 is a platform for realising KANAZAWA SDGs through partnerships between three partners — United Nations University’s IAS OUIK, Ka ...Read more

Senda Family Garden Maintenance SDG Tour

On Sunday, 28th of March, a Garden Maintenance SDG Tour was carried out at the Senda Family Garden (closed to the public), which has been designated a ...Read more



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