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SDGs Mii’s Feast Project #8

In the 8th and final event, students participated in an ancient festival in Okunoto (northern part of Noto Peninsula) called Aenokoto. Every year on D ...Read more

SDGs Mii’s Feast Project #7 

The SDGs Mii's Gottzo Project, launched in May 2019, has been conducting field learning programmes around Mii town, Wajima City. On the 26th of Novemb ...Read more

Report of the 2nd GIAHS Academic Programme in Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture

 This is a report on the 2nd GIAHS Academic Programme, a 3 day academic trip to the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, held from November 9th to 1 ...Read more

Workshop: “Green Infrastructure Starting from Gardens in Temples and Shrines”

On the 22nd of October 2019, the second volunteer cleaning activity at Shinrensha Temple Garden and the first workshop about green infrastructure were ...Read more

SDGs Mii’s Feast Project #6  

For the 6th  SDGs Mii Gottzo project, we visited Maruyama, and enjoyed autumn in the Satoyama by picking chestnuts and observing Azuki plants and crea ...Read more

Students from Tokyo University of Agriculture visited Kanazawa City as part of their research activity 

In the morning, Dr. Ivars from OUIK and professional gardener Mr. Nonoichi guided the students through Kenrokuen Garden, one of the three most beautif ...Read more

SDGs Mii’s Feast Project #6

Please check: https://ouik.unu.edu/news/2433 ...Read more

SDGs Mii’s Feast Project #6

The third activity held in July was an excursion to Suzu City to try making flying fish broth called agodashi. Agodashi is a Japanese soup stock (dash ...Read more

Cleaning workshop at Shinrensha Temple 

On July 4, 2019, a garden cleaning workshop was held at Shinrensha Temple. This event was organised by Dr. Ivars (Researcher at OUIK), Dr. Mamadowa (A ...Read more

Our New Publications

Let me introduce you OUIK's new publication "Restoring Kinship with Nature through Japanese Gardens -The Challenge to Achieve a Sustainable Commons in ...Read more



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