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Event reports

SDGs Café #16: Let’s learn about diversity management, which connects various types of workers and companies!

日時 / Date : 2021/2/24

According to the principle of “realising a city where people can enjoy working and living”, we need Read more

2020 Noto Satoumi Seminar #3: Attaining SDG14 through the preservation of satoumi –  Sustainable management of fishery resources

日時 / Date : 2021/1/28

Learning about the universal goal: SDG14 Research Associate Evonne Yiu from UNU-IAS OUIK gave a lec Read more

【開催報告】SDGsカフェ#15 SDGsの学びの大動脈(!?)公民館を使おう

日時 / Date : 2021/1/25

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese. Read more

LGBTQ and Education Dialogue in Kanazawa #4

日時 / Date : 2020/11/21

The United Nations University’s Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability, Ishikawa Kanazaw Read more

Report: Building Back Better with Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) from the COVID-19 Pandemic

日時 / Date : 2020/11/6

The webinar “Building Back Better with Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) from Read more

Reflecting on the World and the Noto Region through Food: The Potential of Satoyama and Satoumi of Noto

日時 / Date : 2020/10/17

On 16th December, designated as World Food Day by the United Nations, to commemorate the release of Read more

SDGs Café #14: Thinking about using local production and consumption of energy to become a zero-waste city

日時 / Date : 2020/10/13

Sustainable Development Goal 7 is to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern Read more

SDGs Indicator Monitoring and Open Governance from a Regional Perspective: How Local Municipalities Can Change to Implement the SDGs

日時 / Date : 2020/9/30

At many UN meetings on the matter, it has been said that local municipalities have a vital role to p Read more

The 2nd Noto Satoumi Seminar: “Achieving SDG 14 in the Context of Preserving Satoumi: Marine Biodiversity Conservation”

日時 / Date : 2020/9/19

At the 2nd Satoumi Seminar, we learned about SDG 14.2 and 14.5, individual targets of SDG 14 which c Read more

SDGs Café #13 “All Citizens Should be Gardeners! Thinking about the Kanazawa SDGs from a Green Infrastructure Perspective.”

日時 / Date : 2020/9/8

The theme of the 13th SDGs Café was “All Citizens Should be Gardeners! Thinking about the Kanazawa S Read more

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