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SDGs Café #6 “Community Development with Culture” 

日時 / Date : 2019/9/26

IMAGINE KANAZAWA’s 6th SDGs café was about “Community Development with Culture”.  Mr. Atsushi Ura, director of the NPO Shuto Kanazawa, was invited as the main speaker. At the event, we discussed how we can use Kanazawa’s culture and tradition in community development for the sustainable future of the city.  

Mr. Ura said that “Kanazawa’s traditional art, knowledge, and culture have been preserved and transmitted orally from one generation to another. However, preserving such cultural traditions has been a difficult task for those who live in mountainous areas where the aging and shrinking population is a serious issue. We should be glad that we have a sustainable system to preserve culture in Kanazawa for now, and we should take care of it.” 

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