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SDGs Mii’s Feast Project #6

The third activity held in July was an excursion to Suzu City to try making flying fish broth called agodashi. Agodashi is a Japanese soup stock (dashi) made out of dried flying fish, which are made from fresh flying fish that had been simmered or grilled and then dried. In Suzu, agodashi is made by catching small flying fish at the outer cove, grilling them over locally produced charcoal and drying. The activity-filled day included (1) agodashi making, (2) learning about the shichirin, a small charcoal stove made of diatomite for grilling the flying fish, and (3) and learning how to make tools for catching the fish. The children learned about the cycle of food: how the fish caught in Suzu throughout the day are turned into an essential ingredient in Noto’s local cuisine called agodashi using locally made tools and materials, and deliciously eaten by the local people. They also visited the SDGs Lab at the Noto School, Kanazawa University and learned about the 17 goals and 169 targets for a sustainable society. It seems to have become an opportunity for the children to understand the SDGs better after they learned that their usual activities in the forests are connected to the SDGs.



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