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SUN Project: Participatory Action Research (PAR) Kick off in Kikugawa area

OUIK’s Researcher, Dr Juan, has initiated Participatory Action Research (PAR) as part of the Sustainable Urban Nature Project in the Kikugawa district of Kanazawa City. This year, emphasis is placed on citizen participation, environmental conservation, and revitalization of neglected spaces in the region through comprehensive research.

This Participatory Action Research (PAR) activity includes collaborative problem-solving, raising awareness, and empowering citizens to adapt effectively to economic and environmental changes.

The PAR initiative in Kikugawa aims to cultivate a nature-rich community through the following five key actions:

  1. Promoting green (urban nature) growth
  2. Monitoring biodiversity
  3. Maintaining green spaces
  4. Co-creating community gardens
  5. Encouraging eco-tourism

To kick off the PAR activities, the first session titled “Green Growth through the Planting of Plants” was held on May 14. Fifteen predominantly female participants engaged in discussions.

Dr Juan introduced PAR in the Kikugawa district and discussed the benefits and challenges of local greening efforts. Subsequently, participants, under the guidance of a local gardener, engaged in planting activities, sharing insights on land preparation, planting techniques, and maintenance.

Following the planting session, Juan evaluated participants’ awareness of nature’s benefits, challenges in expanding nature-rich communities, and indicators of strengthened community cohesion through discussions and surveys.

The next PAR session is scheduled for June 28. This session will primarily focus on biodiversity monitoring, with citizen scientists conducting firefly surveys along the Kuratsuki water canal and in two designated gardens within Kikugawa.

This project continues to drive positive change in the Kikugawa district, leveraging community participation and sustainable practices to create a more nature-rich and resilient urban landscape.



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