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The 2nd Meeting of the Council for the Promotion of IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030

IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030, a project to realise a sustainable Kanazawa, launched in March 2019 in cooperation with three partners: Kanazawa City, Junior Chamber International Kanazawa, and UNU-IAS OUIK. Diverse stakeholders of various positions and generations participated in the SDGs meetings that were held as one of the council’s initiatives, and created Kanazawa Future Visions by envisioning what they believe Kanazawa should become.

On June 29, 2020,IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 Meeting #1 was held. Various stakeholders cooperated to accomplish SDGs through Kanazawa Future Visions.Members from many fields including industry, education, government, finance and civic groups provided ideas and established a cooperative system.

In the second meeting of IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030, held on November 20, 2021, the progress of the project was reported and methods to promote the project were discussed.

In the first half of the meeting, an SDGs future city plan selected as an SDGs model project by an SDGs Future City/Municipality in July 2021 was explained. The name of the plan is“A hub city of international exchange: A city in which citizens and visitors jointly create happiness”.

In the presentation of the leading project for the promotion of the Kanazawa SDGs, some projects that were drawn up jointly by government and the private sector for the realisation of the Kanazawa Future Scenario through collective cooperation were introduced. Examples included the “Children’s Happiness Project” and “Kanazawa Green Infrastructure Utilisation Project”.

For detailed information of these projects, see the video below.




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