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Kanazawa Forum on Education and LGBT -SDGs as tool for learning and inclusion-

日時 / Date : 2017/11/23
Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese. ...Read more
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Event reportsこれまでの催し事

Preserving Biocultural Diversity for Future Generations-Partnership among East Asian Countries-

日時 / Date : 2017/10/15 13:30-17:30

International Forum Series to Commemorate One-Year Anniversary of the 1st Asian Conference on Biocul ...Read more

Living, Nature and Cultural Landscape (Co-organized event)

日時 / Date : 2017/8/27

On 27th August, Operating Unit Ishikawa Kanazawa (OUIK), Kanazawa University, the Ecological Democra ...Read more

“A Look at the Various Work Supporting Satoumi Creation” Symposium

日時 / Date : 2017/06/10

The UNU-IAS Operating Unit Ishikawa-Kanazawa (OUIK) organized a symposium entitled "A Look at the Va ...Read more

6th Satoumi seminar -Women and the Satoumi of Wajima-

日時 / Date : 16/02/2017

Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa (OUIK) conducted its 6th Noto Satoumi Seminar in Wajima City on Feb ...Read more

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