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IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 Partners Meeting #6 (November 22, 2021)

IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 Partnersis a platform for putting into practice Kanazawa Future Visions through partnerships. On November 22nd, for the fourth time in fiscal 2021, and for the sixth time overall, a Partners Meeting was held in Kanazawa. At the Partners Meetings, the participants present projects that they would like to carry out in cooperation with partners, as well as topics that they would like to consider with all of the members. The presentations are followed by discussions.

This time, the meeting started with the Kanazawa Traffic Affairs Section providing information about the city’s public transportation. Participants were told about the plan to take advantage of public transportation in order to use the limited road spaces of Kanazawa effectively, and transform them into people-oriented spaces. They were also told about the importance of reducing environmental impact through the use of public transportation. Moreover, in order to promote good health and effective use of time, the city would like partner companies to adopt eco-commuting.

Next, two organisations gave short presentations. The general incorporated association HOLA’s presentation was about “CSV urban development based on DX” and Kanazawa City Planning and Coordination Section’s presentation was about “Indicators for measuring the success of Kanazawa Future Visions”

HOLA is an organisation that has adopted the CSV(Creating Shared Value)ideology, and is working to promote city planning in areas such as the environment, human rights and child-rearing, through the use of DX (Digital Transformation). Currently, in Kahoku City, it is supporting the management of local sports clubs from a business perspective, as they are facing difficulties due to the aging of their members and decreasing membership. Through theHOLA official LINE account,を HOLA provides information with places where citizens, businesses and local sports clubs are connected, and is promoting ideas for using the revenue earned to promote sports.

A talk was given by Kanazawa City Planning and Coordination Section, which is also the secretariat of the IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 project, on indicators for measuring the success of “Kanazawa Future Visions” and “Sustainable Tourism Promotion”,which are currently under consideration. So far, Kanazawa City has established “Kanazawa SDGs 5 Courses of Action” as the city’s unique policy for the promotion of SDGs, as well as its plan of action, “Kanazawa Future Visions”. Also, Kanazawa was selected as a “SDGs Future City” and a “Municipal SDGs Model Project”for fiscal year 2020, under a scheme of the Government of Japan. It drew up the “Kanazawa SDGs Future City Plan” and is promoting the model project “Promotion of sustainable tourism in harmony with citizens’ lives.” As there were no indicators for measuring the success of SDG promotion or sustainable tourism promotion, the promotion council for IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030 started to consider ideas for indicators during the last fiscal year. However, the promotion of SDGs requires sharing the goals with a variety of organisations. At this meeting, the participants said they wanted ideas for indicators that each of them could use, and ideas about different points of view to take into account when considering Kanazawa’s future.

After the short presentations, participants were divided into two discussion groups. They asked the presenters questions and talked about how they could provide support. Then, each group shared what had been said with all of the participants.




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