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Visit by the Fellows of the National Commission for UNESCO

The Japanese National Commission for UNESCO has been inviting about five fellows of the National Commission for UNESCO in the Asia-Pacific region every year since 1965. The purpose of this program is to further understanding of Japanese UNESCO activities through visits to organizations conducting UNESCO activities, and also to educational, scientific and cultural facilities. This year, five fellows came from Germany, Malaysia, China, Korea and Thailand to study Japan’s advanced initiatives.

The fellows learned about activities related to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network at the Kanazawa City government offices, and also visited Hakusan UNESCO Biosphere Reserves (BR) site, and OUIK.

We mentioned that there are many internationally certified regions and heritage sites other than the above in Ishikawa Prefecture. The synergistic effect created by this abundance of sites will help us to link Kanazawa and its peripheral areas with the keyword “biocultural diversity” and become a comprehensive platform for the preservation of local biocultural resources.



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