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SDGs Mii’s Feast Project #2

The second activity of Mii’s Feast Project was held in June. The group headed to the source of the Kawarada River, which flows across Wajima City, in search of gori, the local name for Japanese sculpin, a highly prized small freshwater fish. The gori lives only in clean water and the population has apparently decreased due to the construction of embankments and pesticide use in rice fields in recent years. The children tried their hand at gori catching, as the locals showed them how to do it. While muttering about the coldness of the water, they waded into the river and were soon intent on plunging their hands into the water, catching ten fish in about half an hour. Since the immersion program this time included making and eating an actual feast, they immediately started skewering the fish. Eating a meal means partaking of life. The children’s faces showed mixed feelings as they looked at the gori that had been alive until a few moments ago. The fish were grilled over charcoal and dipped in sauce before eating. Delicious! I want some more! The taste of food that they caught themselves was exceptionally good. Lastly, they returned the fingerlings that they hadn’t eaten back to the river.



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