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Upcoming Event: “Nature-Positive Solutions” Kanazawa’s model for Climate Action and Sustainable Urban Nature

日時 / Date : 2023/3/5
場所 / Place : 金沢市文化ホール Kanazawa Cultural Hall

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Organizers: UNU-IAS OUIK

Co-organizers: Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture

Date: 5th March 2023 13:30-16:00

Place: Kanazawa Culture Hall

Language English and Japanese with simultaneous interpretation

Free participation (registration required)


Join us to discuss both global and local trends and solutions in Urban Climate and Biodiversity policy! 

Inviting Dr Kazuhiko Takeuchi, the director of Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and Dr Thomas Elmqvist from Stockholm Resilience Center, who are thought leaders and major contributors to COP 27/COP 15 and Ms Mana Saza, a global coordinator of Mock COP26 and the director of SWiTCH Association of Sustainability.

This symposium will discuss Nature-Positive Solutions to current environmental challenges and how we can all work together for the same goal.

This symposium will share the negotiations that were held at the UNFCCC COP27 and CBD COP15 in 2022, and the specific national and international responses that will be taken in the future. We will be discussing “Nature-Positive Solutions” to environmental problems from global and local perspectives as well as our challenges for youth and adults to join forces and work together for the sustainable future.

What is “Nature-Positive”?

Nature-positive is the term used to describe a world where nature – species and ecosystems – is being restored and is regenerating rather than staying static or declining.

To be discussed:

  1. 2022 Climate Change and Biological Diversity COPs’ outcomes
  2. Kanazawa’s urban nature benefits and efforts in implementing the global sustainable agenda
  3. Nature-Positive Solutions for the future generations – How can we all work together for the same goal?


Kanazawa is in a privileged natural setting, open to the sea, surrounded by mountains, and with abundant water resources. To conserve urban nature, it is critical that Kanazawa City makes continuous efforts and establish a sustainable model to preserve biocultural diversity. Kanazawa’s efforts are aligned with the global agenda established by the United Nations at the Conventions of the Parties (COP). International and local policies are willing to create synergies between biocultural diversity, SDGs, and climate action. Urban nature plays a vital role in achieving a sustainable, resilient, and well-being society.



13:30 Opening remarks. Dr. Tsunao Watanabe

13:35 Greetings from Kanazawa City

13:40 Keynote presentation 1: Mr. Kazuhiko Takeuchi. “Global Agenda and Local implementation”

14:00 Keynote presentation 2: Mr. Thomas Elmqvist “New trends on urban ecosystem services”

14:20 ~14:35 Break

14:35 ~15:55 Panelist Presentation & Discussion session

1: Dr. Himangana Gupta “The Nexus Approach – Two landmark COPs carve out paths for climate-biodiversity synergy”

2: Dr. Juan Pastor-Ivars. “SUN Project and urban nature benefits”

3:Dr. Motofumi Marui “Heat Island mitigation through urban nature”

4:Ms. Mana Saza “Action by Japanese Youth to create a wave for sustainability in Japan”

Discussion Session: “Nature-Positive Solutions for the future generations – How can we all work together for the same goal? ” Coordinated by Dr. Tsunao Watanabe

15:55 Closing Remarks Dr. Koji Nakamura





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